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Introducing BE MITZVAH
Beth Or’s Reimagined Bar/Bat Mitzvah

Rabbi Robyn created Be Mitzvah, as a new, unique Bar/Bat Mitzvah experience that reimagines the traditional model of this important coming-of-age life cycle moment. Be Mitzvah shifts the students’ focus from prayer and chanting onto the learning of middot (Jewish character values) and the hands-on application of those values through Community service and social justice work. Completion of this program will inspire the participants to build a life of compassion, love and tikkun olam, the healing of the world around them.

Be Inspired.  Be Compassionate.
Be Socially Conscious. Be Jewish.

Be Mitzvah aims to provide a new, dynamic and more relevant approach to the Bar/Bat mitzvah milestone in a child’s life. This year-long program has a strong focus on tikkun middot, the study of Jewish character traits to give students the tools to make better choices in today’s volatile world. Monthly social action work makes their learning relevant and meaningful, shedding light on how they can become instruments for bringing healing and justice to the world. This fresh approach to becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah will lead to a lifetime of learning and exploring our Jewish traditions, as the Be Mitzvah students find meaning and connection to everything they are learning.

Be Mitzvah is a year-long Bar/Bat Mitzvah program for students going into the 7th grade. Each cohort will meet weekly, combining classroom work with monthly community, social-service work. The in-class curriculum will include a combination of Tikkun middot (provided by the Institute for Jewish Spirituality), social action study (provided by Repair the World), Hebrew language, and prayer. In addition to the weekly gatherings, there will be 3 special hands-on programs during the year in which the students will participate in fun, group-bonding activities revolving around Jewish rituals and holiday celebrations. The year will culminate in a creative, student-led group service and celebration, marking this milestone together with family and friends.

Beginning September 23, 2018, the students will meet every Sunday from 9:30AM-12:30PM. One Sunday per month, the students will participate together in a year-long social action project under the auspices of Repair the World. And, there will be an additional 3 special-project gatherings during the year (date and time TBD).

Be Mitzvah is open to 7th graders who possess a real desire and discipline to participate in an intimate and intentional group initiative. No prior learning is necessary, although some rudimentary knowledge of Hebrew is helpful. Space is limited to those students who complete the application and can demonstrate a strong willingness and maturity to participate in this type of learning environment.

There are no requirements of synagogue membership in Beth Or, although our Be Mitzvah families are always welcome to participate in all of our services and programs at no additional cost, including the High Holy Days. Participation in Be Mitzvah is $1800 and includes instruction, printed materials, transportation to the monthly social action project, hands-on programming materials, and a Be Mitzvah t-shirt. The end-of-the-year service and celebration will have an additional cost, subject to the group’s desires and abilities.

*There will be a $300 discount for any student who registers and pays in full before August 15th, 2018, pending acceptance into the program.