Welcome to Beth Or

where tradition and a reimagined Judaism come together. We are beginning a new chapter at Beth Or to reimagine the conversations on what makes Judaism relevant and meaningful.

We are reimagining…

  • what it means to create sacred space.
  • our ancient texts and traditions in order to breathe new life into making them meaningful for our lives and for our families.
  • how Judaism can inform our response to social issues that plague our world.
  • how to be more intentional about creating a world with mended relationships, civil discourse, respect and love for one another.
  • how we can draw deeper inspiration and gratitude from our life’s journey.

We invite you, whatever your religious background, gender, sexual orientation or God belief, to join us as we reimagine a renewed sense of purpose for the coming year….together.

Beth Or strives to turn our prayers into social action, our sacred gatherings into opportunities to cure the ills that plague our society. It is our religious obligation to do tikkun olam, to repair the world around us. We aim to respond to the needs of the stranger, the immigrant, and any other minority who needs help in advocating on their behalf. We use our voices to cry out against injustice; we use our feet to march for better gun control laws; we use our High Holy Days to fight hunger in our community; we use our hands to oppose amendments that disenfranchise minorities from voting; we use our financial resources to support the homeless in our community; and we use our time to bring joy to homeless children whose lives have been uprooted. Our holidays and celebrations have elements of social justice in them and the rabbis’ sermons often inspire us to repair the world through our efforts. 

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Justice, justice shall you pursue.

(Deuteronomy 16:20)