Reimagining Social Action

Together We Stand

Beth Or strives to turn our prayers into social action, our sacred gatherings into opportunities to cure the ills that plague our society. It is our religious obligation to do tikkun olam, to repair the world around us. We aim to respond to the needs of the stranger, the immigrant, and any other minority who needs help in advocating on their behalf. We use our voices to cry out against injustice; we use our feet to march for better gun control laws; we use our High Holy Days to fight hunger in our community; we use our hands to support amendments that disenfranchise minorities from voting; we use our financial resources to support the homeless in our community; and we use our time to bring joy to homeless children whose lives have been uprooted. Our holidays and celebrations include elements of social justice and the rabbi’s sermons often inspire us to repair the world through our efforts.

We’d like to repeat our very successful PACT House Listening Sessions.
Last year many congregants enjoyed participating in our PACT House Listening sessions. It’s at these events that PACT determines what issues we’ll be tackling this coming year.
We need congregants to volunteer their home for one of these sessions.
Each session will have 10-15 people in attendance. The session only lasts 2 hours tops.
Please contact to volunteer your home.

Below are a list of causes we participated in last year:

  • Chapman Partnership for the Homeless
  • Feed My Sheep
  • The Miami Power House Church
  • Jewish Adoption and family Care (JAFCO)
  • The Greater Miami Humane Society
  • Lotus House
  • Warm Up America
  • Second Chances and Amendment 4
  • March for Stricter Gun Control
  • People Acting for Community Together (PACT)
  • GMJF Milk and Honey Project
  • Educating our community and exploring ways to help with human trafficking, climate change, Syrian refugee crisis and many more causes

Act With Us Now

Social Justice Team – Programming for High Holidays

As we observe Yom Kippur, making time for unrushed prayer, repentance and reflection, we refrain from eating and drinking to demonstrate our willingness to atone for our excesses, curb our appetites and begin down the path to T’ Shuvah.  Another important reason why we experience temporary hunger is compassion. As we confront our own discomfort with feeling hungry, we remember how many people in the world suffer with true, involuntary hunger and food insecurity. Our hunger compels us to help the hungry of our communities and beyond. We know that our fasting has a finite end but others do not have that luxury.

The following activities will be a part of our 2018/5779 High Holidays programming.

September 8- 19 (Yom Kippur)
Food collection

We will collect food to donate to Farm Share, a large-scale food bank that works to end hunger by distributing donated foods and vegetables from Florida’s farms to millions of low-income families in need of nutritious food. Among the many recipients, Farm Share donates large quantities of food to the Chapman Partnership for the Homeless for residents as they transition to independent living. A list of specific types of foods will be provided.
(Note: Food donations must be taken to Beth Or, not to Christ the King this year.)

September 19
3 – 5 P.M.
Farm Share at Beth Or

A Farm Share representative will deliver an informational session on the many faces of hunger.  She will explain the far-reaching ways that Farm Share works to alleviate hunger and how we can help.  Following the session, she will provide bags for us to use to bag the donated foods according to how they will be distributed.

Tzedek, tzedek tirdof:
Justice, Justice, you shall pursue!

(Deuteronomy 16:20)