BeJewQ is a safe, spiritual, and welcoming “space” for the LGBTQ+ community to meet, explore,
support, learn, celebrate and grow, individually and collectively, within our Jewish community. It’s aim is
to ensure that every single person, regardless of sexual orientation or identification, feels at home and
welcomed in their Jewish community.  No one should feel left out, undervalued or not welcomed.

BeJewQ currently hosts monthly support groups to meet the emotional and spiritual needs of the
participants. The meetings are open to everyone, regardless of sexual orientation, identity or religion
and there is no charge to participate. The discussions are framed by different teachings of the Torah
which help give support and wisdom to the group’s conversations.

BeJewQ hosts a pride BBQ in June which coincides with International Pride Month.

BeJewQ members are actively welcomed to participate in every aspect of Beth Or community life,
including holiday celebrations, social events, Torah study, social action initiatives and community
forums.  Beth Or is a more diverse, healthy, inclusive and better Jewish community because of BeJewQ.