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Monday Movie Nights: Exploring themes of teshuva/forgiveness. Join Rob Berse and Pat Barron for provocative discussions on carefully selected movies to stimulate our preparations for the High Holy Days. Please view the movies on Amazon Prime at your convenience.

Mondays at 7:30 PM, August 24, 31, September 7, 14

  • Exodus 1947  (August 24) This one hour documentary highlights the efforts of Americans to help  the Holocaust survivors  reach Palestine in 1947. With authentic footage, interviews with survivors and fabulous narration, one is vividly brought to the ongoing struggle of the Jews who survived the death camps and their perilous journey aboard the “Exodus 1947.” In choosing this movie, Rob Berse comments, “This is a story of the triumph and survival of a people who risked all to establish their rightful place in this world. It is about renewal and about the power of a collective of people to accomplish mighty goals.”
  • The Chosen (August 31) The Chosen is about a chance meeting between two boys, their unlikely friendship that is formed, and its impact on their families. Each of the boys move forward in their lives to become their true selves and follow their ambitions. In choosing this movie, Rob Berse comments, “Forgiveness is at the core of this movie on so many levels. I know the movie will led to a spirited discussion!”
      • The Jazz Singer (September 7) Jess Robin (Neil Diamond) dreams of a career in popular music, but his father, Cantor Rabinovitch (Laurence Olivier), forbids it, insisting Jess live as a traditional Jew and inherit his position at the synagogue. With the help of friend and professional musician Bubba (Franklin Ajaye), Jess gets a chance to go to Los Angeles and have famous singer Keith Lennox (Paul Nicholas) record one of his songs. Defying both his father and his wife, Jess leaves New York to pursue his dreams. In reviewing this movie, Rob Berse commented, “This movie speaks to the journey of return, of repentance. Loved the music and the message.”
      • Everything is Illuminated (September 14) A young Jewish American man obsessed with his family history, Jonathan Safran Foer (Elijah Wood) decides to journey to the Ukraine to find out more about the life of his grandfather. Guided by Alex (Eugene Hutz), a rap-obsessed local, Jonathan ventures into the heartland of the Ukraine seeking to shed light on events that occurred to his grandfather during World War II. Joining Jonathan and Alex is the latter’s surly grandfather (Boris Leskin) and a dog named Sammy Davis Jr., Jr. In reviewing this movie, Rob Berse commented, “This movie is about undertaking a transformational spiritual journey. It is entertaining, heartwarming and at times, heartbreaking. Just like life.”
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