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  • Hello God, nice to meet You! Let’s explore our relationship with God with Rabbi Robyn and other guest leaders- On the High Holy Days, we will be immersed in the world of God: prayers, images, messages. What if we don’t believe in God or these images, or have ever taken the time to explore them? Do the HHD’s become irrelevant and void of meaning? We will explore a deeper understanding of the God in the Bible and of the High Holy Days, creating space for a renewed perspective and relationship with the Divine. August 27
  • Cheshbon Hanefesh: During Elul, we are instructed to do a Cheshbon Hanefesh, an accounting of our souls. What is it and how do we really do it? with Rabbi Robyn. September 3
  • Stirring Sounds of the High Holy Day Music: The Sounds of the High Holy Days stir our hearts and souls to reinforce the fragility of life, prompt us to take stock on our lives, and trigger memories of years past. We will explore some of the top hits, their origins, deeper meanings, and varied traditional and contemporary musical interpretations right up to the present day. Presented by Rabbi Tom Heyn. September 10
  • Sounds and Meanings of the Shofar Blasts: Another name for Rosh Hashanah is Yom Teruah, the “Day of Blasts.” What do the 4 different types of “blasts” signify and what are they meant to signify to us on this day? September 17
  • Vidui (Ashamnu), A Jewish Confessional Prayer-Join Janie Emerson and Pat Barron in an exploration of the Ashamnu, our confessional Yom Kippur prayer we say together in community every year. We will connect more intimately with this critical prayer, so that this year we can say it and mean it!  September 24 (1 ¼ hours)


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