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Sukkot reminds us of our wilderness wanderings when we dwelt in temporary housing and recognized our dependence on God for our very survival. By building a sukkah and dwelling in it—taking meals there, studying sacred text, camping out—we reenact this experience so that we can sense this reliance on a power greater than ourselves. In our modern, settled society we especially need these reminders. On a cosmic/personal level, Sukkot is a time of maturity in which we reap the harvest of our work in the world and come to a place of acceptance with who and what we are
This will complete Rabbi Bookman’s cycle of teaching relating it to the holiday, the Torah text, and our lives.
         Monday, October 5th…..Wanderings: Necessary Journeys
         Thursday, October 8th…..Acceptance: Owning the Past, Letting it Go, Finding Inner Peace
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