Enhance your connections in our community by offering your support to one of the following teams:


Administrative Team

This team is responsible for coordinating our calendar of events and being contacts for our members’ questions and concerns. If you would like to plan an event, please check the calendar on the website at bethormiami.com to be sure the date is available, then contact a member of this team. Similarly, this team is who to call if you have a question or concern and do not know who else to contact at the temple. They will steer you in the right direction! The Administrative Team’s goal is to develop a program of interesting events throughout the year, with all the details easily accessible on our website.

The Rabbi’s Advisory Team

This team assists the Rabbi in the creation and implementation of our Jewish holidays and services, new programs and initiatives, Be Mitzvah and other Jewish learning experiences. They also act as the Rabbi’s sounding board for any challenges or special issues that need addressing. Together, they review and make suggestions for the website, the membership packet, the weekly communications to the community, and they work together to ensure that the community’s spiritual needs are nurtured, and the Rabbi’s vision is implemented.


The Office Support Team

The Office Support team aids and supports the Office Administrator.  This team answers informational and procedural questions as they arise or make referrals to appropriate sources of needed information and supplement her knowledge of the traditions and customs that guide many of our activities, holidays and programs. They perform several specific tasks including acknowledging donations and sending notifications of “in honor of” and “in memoriam” contributions.

The Budget, Finance and Strategic Planning Team

The team is charged with overseeing the preparation of the annual budget to be submitted to the Board for approval, monitoring the budget process during the fiscal year and reporting progress at Board meetings.

The team acts as the primary liaison between the Temple and its bank and recommends fiscal policies, procedures, and systems for auditing to ensure proper checks and balances to ensure fiscal responsibility.

The team recommends investment strategies to the Board with any investable funds and recommends and implements cost saving measures for the Temple. The team also develops and implements a Strategic Plan designed to enhance the growth and well-being of the Temple.


This team supports the financial health of the community by leading fundraising projects including our Yizkor slideshow and Give Miami Day as well as helping with planned activities that include a Yard Sale, game nights and theatrical performances.



This team is responsible activities that retain and grow our current membership program.  They are responsible for helping to grow our new Beth Or Next Door program – an online membership program for those whose support is from a distance and/or who support other synagogues but who wish to participate in our extensive virtual programming during the year and including the High Holiday access.  Specially curated initiatives are planned to cultivate this neighborhood connection.


Social Justice

This team encourages participation in Tikun Olam through involvement in PACT, food donation drives, and community service events sponsored by the Great Miami Jewish Federation and by planning and leading the Temple response to critical social issues when they arise.

Gallery of Light

Our unique and vivacious art program continuously creates dynamic visual art exhibitions and programs for the community that advance creativity and spirituality and bring positive attention to the Temple.


This team’s mission is to bring information to the Board regarding best practices as to when to retain professional security services and for offering security training and other safety measures.


Our non-board member teams include an Ong Shabbat team responsible for organizing refreshments before or after Shabbat services; our Community Support Team which reaches out to members when they have special needs and our very longstanding and fabulous Red Tent book club.


Our board members also continue to serve as treasurer, liaison with Hope for Life and as Recording Secretary. 

We request the participation of every member on one of our teams.