Although our High Holy Day Services will be different this year, the one element we need more than ever is each other. In order to make our High Holy Day experience even more meaningful, we want to include you and your families in our services. Please submit a recording or a photo from your phone for one or more of the options below which we will weave into our services. 
Deadline is August 21st. Click on the bullets below to upload your very brief recording/photo of the item(s) you want to contribute. Consider submitting one or more for each of the requests. Seeing your sweet faces will make this holiday extra special! 
Ways to participate:
·Shehecheyanu: Submit a 5-second video of you sharing one new or special thing that happened to you or your family this year (new job, new relationship, new member of the family, milestone birthday or anniversary, retirement, etc.). For example, “Bill and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary!” Sheheheyanu upload.
·Wake-up!: Submit a 5 second video of you holding up the attached sign that says, “I’m waking up!” along with you saying, “I’m waking up to ______ in the new year.” Think about the many things you need to wake-up to or be aware of this year that can contribute to a better you (contemporary issues, actions, behaviors, priorities, personal goals, spending more time in nature, more time with family, etc.). Wake-up uploadWake-up Sign
·Candle Lighting: Submit a close-up photo of you with background lights dimmed and shabbat candles lit. Candle lighting upload
·Halleluyah: Submit a 5 second video of you saying, “________ makes me want to shout ‘Halleluyah!’” Think about what makes you feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude and appreciation in your life (enjoying the vegetables I planted in my garden, playing with my grandchild, seeing my child as a parent, caring for my aging spouse and reflecting on all the years we’ve shared together, taking a walk along the beach and feeling the water splash up my legs, greater perspective on my life, etc.) Halleluyah upload
·Narrow Bridge: Submit a 2-3 minute video reflecting on when you have faced a challenging or scary situation in your life and what you have learned from the experience. Rabbi Nachman of Breslov said, “The whole world is a very narrow bridge; the important thing is not to be afraid.” Think about those times when you have figuratively crossed a “narrow bridge.” Narrow bridge upload
For best results:
1. Record/photograph horizontally
2. Check background and lighting for best results
3. Keep that the camera is at eye-level of the person being recorded.
4. In IPhone camera settings, set record video to “1080P at 30fps.”
5. Make sure you are in a quiet place.
6. Put phone on silent so you don’t get disrupted by notifications
7.We reserve the right to edit if needed
8.Smile and have fun!