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Beth Or depends on our members' participation to help create and sustain the growth of our community through their involvement on one or more of our volunteer teams.
For more information and descriptions of each team, please click here.
Beth Or pursues the directive of tikkun olam, healing the world, as an integral component of Jewish life. Prayers and sacred gatherings inspire us to enhance compassion, love and equity in the world. Our Social Justice Team organizes opportunities throughout the year to provide for society’s vulnerable and to fight against discrimination and oppression. We encourage everyone to be involved in at least 2 of our social justice projects, as we bring real and sustainable change to our local community and to our world.
If you are paying by check, please print out the downloadable form here and mail it or drop it off to:
Beth Or
11715 SW 87th Avenue
Miami, FL 33176

For additional questions, contact our office at 305-235-1419.

In order to defray the Temple's expense related to bank fees related to credit card charges, a nominal fee has been added to such transactions.

For additional questions, contact our office at 305-235-1419.

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