Reimagining Learning

We are the People of the Book. Learning is at the heart of our Jewish tradition. Whether it is a traditional Torah study using classic Jewish texts or whether it is panel discussion with contemporary scholars and professionals on issues facing the 21st c., we seek to draw from our Jewish wisdom in formulating meaning and purpose for our lives today.

Opportunities for Learning

Torah Study

Join Rabbi Robyn for monthly Torah study classes on the weekly parasha (Torah portion), as we draw from ancient and contemporary scholars to breathe life into these ancient texts in order to inform our often complicated lives. Meets monthly.

Israel Round Table Series

Israel Round Table Series is a monthly gathering of experts on issues surrounding Israel and the US-Israel relationship in an effort to strengthen the bonds between the State of Israel and the Jews in the Diaspora. We will explore the conflicting political landscape, the issues of defense, the socioeconomic challenges, the technological advancements, the opportunities and the challenges for peace, and other issues that the participants want to explore. We are grateful for the generosity and support of AIPAC in planning our speakers but are open to collaborating with other Pro-Israel speakers.

Be Mitzvah

Be Mitzvah aims to provide a new, dynamic and more relevant approach to the Bar/Bat mitzvah milestone in a child’s life. This year-long program has a strong focus on tikkun middot, the study of Jewish character traits to give students the tools to make better choices in today’s volatile world. Monthly social action work makes their learning relevant and meaningful, shedding light on how they can become instruments for bringing healing and justice to the world. This fresh approach to becoming a Bar/Bat Mitzvah will lead to a lifetime of learning and exploring our Jewish traditions, as the Be Mitzvah students find meaning and connection to everything they are learning.

Be Inspired.  Be Compassionate. Be Socially Conscious. Be Jewish.

Social Justice Speakers

In order to be more informed on issues that demand our attention and support, we invite professionals and scholars from our community on the most pressing social justice issues.

Speakers we supported, either at Beth Or at other local synagogues:

  • Restorative Justice panel discussion with experts in the field, The Honorable Ellen Venzer and The Honorable Steve Leifman on our broken criminal justice system
  • Jewish Response to the Refugee Crisis with the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society
  • Human Trafficking Panel Discussion with representatives from the Miami Dade County State Attorney’s Office, Thread of Life, Survivor and Advocate of Human Trafficking, Human Trafficking Detective Specialist, NCJW Chair, Human Trafficking Task Force
  • An Interfaith Look at the science, seriousness and solutions to Climate Change with CLEO, Florida Sun, League of Women Voters
  • Syrian Supper Club with recent Syrian refugees sharing their stories of struggle, displacement, and opportunities to lend assistance

Learning for your Body and Soul

Drumming meditation

We offer bi-weekly Drumming meditation sessions with percussionist and sound healer, Jeff Deen. Through the use of crystal bowls, the suspension of large frame drums, sound instruments and his voice, Jeff helps reduce stress and pain, enables deep relaxation, and promotes a sense of well-being.

Mindfulness Meditation

Congregants Patricia Isis and Carol Kaminsky offer their professional expertise in enhancing our sacred gatherings with their beautifully crafted guided meditations. Whether on Shavuot, Erev Rosh Hashanah or in the afternoon on Yom Kippur, just prior to Neilah, Patricia and Carol guided us this past year in being more intentional in our prayer and in our holiday celebrations.

Death Over Dinner Jewish Edition

In addition to the Death Over Dinners hosted in peoples’ home, we will invite  professionals in our community to speak each  month on various subjects dealing with death and dying from a Jewish perspective. Possible subjects include:

  • Creating a Living/Ethical Will
  • Cremation
  • Dying Jewishly (End-of-Life Rituals)
  • When is enough enough? (Life Support)
  • After Life
  • Suicide
  • Organ Donation
  • Jewish Hospice Care

“To educate means to cultivate the soul.”

-Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel