Israel Round Table Series

Israel Round Table Series is a monthly gathering of experts on issues surrounding Israel and the US-Israel relationship in an effort to strengthen the bonds between the State of Israel and the Jews in the Diaspra. We will explore the conflicting political landscape, the issues of defense, the socioeconomic challenges, the technological advancements, the opportunities and the challenges for peace, and other issues that the participants want to explore. We are grateful for the generosity and support of AIPAC in planning our speakers but are open to collaborating with other Pro-Israel speakers.

Last year’s speakers included the following topics:

  • Races and Faces: The 2018 Elections and Pro-Israel Politics
  • Prospect for Peace: The Path Toward Diplomacy
  • The US-Israel Relationship:Partners in Democracy in the Middle East

Possible topics of discussion in the coming year:

  • History of Israel
  • UN and the Media Bias
  • BDS Movement
  • Settlements and Apartheid
  • The Law of Occupation and Human Rights
  • Free Speech and Freedom of the Press in Israel
  • Israeli Water Innovation
  • The Global Impact of Israel’s Medical Technology
  • Israeli Defense Technologies
  • U.S.-Israel Cooperative Programs
  • Africa and Israel’s Blooming Relationship
  • Challenges Facing Israel and Europe
  • Anything on Syria, Iran, Lebanon, etc.
  • Israel and Peace Diplomacy
  • Israeli Missile Defense
  • Israel and its Sunni Neighbors
  • Tracking the Funding of the Palestinian Authority