Red Tent Book Club

Since 2001 the Red Tent, Beth Or’s women’s book club, has been meeting monthly.  We meet Sundays from 1:00-3:00 p.m. at a member’s home (or sometimes at Beth Or if someone’s home cannot accommodate the number of participants.) Red Tenters take turns being the host and /or facilitator.  The host provides refreshments.

Our lively discussions center mostly on Jewish topics but can include non-Jewish topics as well.  We don’t always have unanimous opinions and our views regarding books may vary.  One person’s favorite might be another person’s least favorite…but one thing for sure is we all always walk away with a new perspective and lifted spirits.

Our Vision

Our beloved Red Tent renews our spirits and offers new perspectives on books, issues and life.  A spirit of camaraderie and friendship fills each meeting.

We welcome you to join us. 

For further information, contact Bette Spector at 305 382-0762 or [email protected].

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