President’s Message

Mel Tenen

Welcome to Beth Or!

I know that you will find Temple Beth Or to be the ideal place for you and your family to express your Judaism.

Our synagogue is a small face-to-face community of people who care about each other and who are “there” for each other. This is what sets Beth Or apart. As you browse through our material, visit our campus, or attend services or classes, you may notice how it reflects the mission of Temple Beth Or: “To foster an engaged, creative, and spiritual Judaism; to do so by bringing the wisdom of Torah to bear on daily life; and ultimately to benefit both our members and the larger community.”

We are a volunteer-driven organization and our programs are designed to encourage member participation on every level, including leadership, planning, programming and execution. In the process, the Temple becomes what has been described as a “spiritual playground” – a place where, in the process of working together to accomplish a common purpose, we inevitably are given opportunities – and encouraged – to apply the teachings of Torah and use our skills in our interactions with one another. At Beth Or, we build relationships with those who come into our sacred community and will help you connect more deeply with the Jewish experience.

We are a hamish, warm, friendly, nurturing, and welcoming Temple – unlike any other in South Florida – a place where everybody feels good about being Jewish, and being a part of our special community. Please think of this as my personal invitation to you to join us. Take a look at all of our planned activities, decide which ones suit you and take part. I promise you the benefits are immeasurable and will vastly enrich your life.

Mel Tenen
President, Temple Beth Or