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There is a tradition to hear the sound of the shofar each day during the month of Elul, as a way to “wake” you up to do your teshuva, your repentance and forgiveness. Consider downloading a shofar sound to your I-phone for a daily shofar reminder for the month! Here are instructions on how to upload it.
How to program a daily Shofar blast on your iPhone (…and it only costs $1.29)
In settings, go to “Sounds and Haptics” and select “Sounds and Vibration Patterns”
In “Sounds and Vibration Patterns” select “Reminder Alerts”
Towards top of Reminder Alerts page, select “Store”
In “Store “select “Tone Store” and enter “Shofar” in search feature (magnifying glass at bottom of page)
In Ringtones (not songs, albums, etc.) select your Preferred Shofar blast.
Go back to “Store” and select “Download all Purchased Tones”
Go back to “Sounds and Vibration Patterns”, select “Reminder Alerts”. Scroll down to “Ringtones” and select “Shofar”.
Open “Reminders,” add a new reminder (hit “+” at bottom left of page) and name the reminder (e.g., Elul Reminder), then select the information icon to the right (small “i” inside a circle)
Select “Remind me at a time” and enter the time of day you want the reminder to sound. Select “Repeat” and enter “daily”.