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ROSH HASHANAH (Friday, September 18-Saturday, September 19)

On this Rosh Hashanah, immerse yourself in a full day of meditation, prayer, learning, art, nature and social justice in order to fully prepare your hearts, minds and souls for growth and self-discovery, teshuva and forgiveness in the new Jewish year, 5781. May you and our loved ones be written into the Book of life this year.

Erev Rosh Hashanah, September 18 Inspiring you to celebrate this holiday evening at home with recipes, prayers, and contemplative questions to kick-off the Yamim Noraim, the Days of Awe. Consider video-chatting or calling others to join in on the discussion!

September 19

8:00 AM Wake-up to a sunrise gratitude meditation from Matheson Hamock with Patricia Isis to welcome in the dawn of a new day & a new year.

10:00 AM Rosh Hashanah morning service

12:30 PM Lunch and Learn with Rabbi Robyn: (Genesis 21:1-34) Gain a deeper understanding of this story we read every year as God remembers Sarah in her old age with the birth of Isaac and then has Hagar and Ishmael banished from Abraham’s home. What can we learn from this story?

2:00 PM Gallery of Light: Curated Art Exhibit on themes of the High Holy Days with Jodi Sypher, Director of Education, Lowe Art Museum. Using art to heal ourselves and the world in which we live!

4:30 PM Jews of Color Webinar with Rabbi Robyn and Janu Mandel, Board member of JOC, Jews of Color. In our climate of heightened sensitivity for racial and sexual discriminations, our Jewish community is responding to the racial injustice and inequality in our own Jewish community. Learn how we can do teshuva to correct this inequity and support Jews of Color.

6:00 PM Tashlich meditation walk kick-off with Sara Horowitz

7:30 PM Let’s close out our enriching Rosh Hashanah day together with Havdalah.